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About Us

JNS Farms was established in 2004 when Sarah and Justin Bock got married and wanted to breed some Australian cattle dogs (Red and Blue Heelers). Justin and Sarah Bock settled in Stockton, MO with the purchase of 10 acres south of town. The farm has always been ever expanding from 1 registered Brahman heifer and 1 registered Brahman Bull. They were named Bonnie and Clyde. The operation continued expanded for the next 10 years with lease ground and cattle purchases. At one point JNS Farms had 4 different rental farms spread out across Cedar County, MO.  Around that time Justin and Sarah moved into the purchase of the 268 acre farm. The farm sat across from the 10 acres they purchased when they got married. The land needed a lot of attention as it had been ran into the ground with poor management practices. After the fence rows cleared, new perimeter fence installed the 268 acres was put into a high intensive rotational grazing program with the farm being divided into as many 10 acre paddocks as possible. Justin, Sarah and their daughters installed underground waterlines with large tire tanks for fresh water every 660 ft. With water system installed next high tensile electric fence was installed. After the completion of the project the farm has 25 paddocks. The cattle operation is comprised of mainly red cows with crosses from Simetall, angus and others breeds. JNS Farms uses Simangus cross bulls for their breeding program. A few years back the farm made the move to provide fresh local farm raised beef to the restaurant Sundaes Drive Inn in Stockton, MO. JNS Farms offers fresh cuts of meat in a small freezer as well as raise whole, half and quarter beef for sale with local processing. 
The family expanded with the addition of 3 girls while the farm was ever expanding. Justin and Sarah welcomed Natalya, Nalayni and Nadya. The girls have been raised around the farm and love every part of it. In the last year the oldest daughter Natalya began her own operation in the farm. She is breeding and selling show hogs and also raises feeder pigs for sale off the farm. The girls are very active with 4H and other activities. The girls have horses, cows, pigs, chickens and even a few dogs. The girls love the farm life and will be sure and tell you all about their day. The girls are involved in the everyday operations on the farm. The girls have chores ranging from gathering eggs to unrolling hay with the tractor and everything in between. The girls have been raised throughout the expansion of the farm which comes with sleeping in tractors while dad bales hay or when building fence in the cold winter months. The girls have a lot of memories on the farm and will be more than happy to have a conversation about it.

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